Revenge spells on a ex-lover are trending. If you want to break up a relation and seek powerful break up spells then I suggest you to read further.

Heartbreak or fall out with a partner can ruin your relationship but we are not here to talk about that. I am going to show you how to use break up spells using pictures to completely break up a relationship.

This break a relation spell will end a couple's relationship forever leaving hatred in their hearts for each other. They will never want to see each other and neither will ever cross paths.

This is a very powerful voodoo break up spell that can never be reversed, hence be hundred percent sure before using this spell.

Here is the procedure.

Use this magic spell for six days.

Here is the break up spell chant.


Take a picture of the couple on whom you are using this spell. If you have two separate individual pictures of them then paste them together.

At a fixed time during the day say the spell to a count of hundred and maintain solid focus on the picture imagining the couple parting ways. Imagination is so very important at this stage of the spell casting.

At the same fixed time repeat the use of this spell for the coming five days.

One the sixth day after the spell casting is done, preserve the picture in a place where no one can see it. It's a secret spell and I have shown you how to break up a relationship easily and effectively for free.

Author's note - This break up spell never causes any bad karma.

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