People ask me for simple love spells all the time because they want results without putting any effort into the spell casting. I absolutely have no issues with that.

Since we are discussing easy love spells here so I will want to elaborate further.
There are three types of love spells which I will want to mention.
Beginner love spells, intermediate love spells and advanced love spells.

A beginner must first cast simple love spells and then after gaining experience progress to intermediate love spells casting that would be love spells with ingredients. It's best to let a genuine spell master cast advanced love spells. Finding a genuine spell caster is in its own a great challenge but then that's your lookout. If you want me to cast advanced love spells on your behalf then send me a mail and I will discuss things further.

Coming back to this white magic simple love spell.

Here is the method of casting it.

Take a traditional heart shaped locket which opens. Place a picture of yourself and your lover in the locket and close it. Wear the locket. If you don't have pictures then place your name and lover's name in the locket instead of pictures. This will do.

For three days in the morning say this spell three hundred times.


After completion on the third day your love desire will become a reality. Your love wish will get fulfilled.

It's important for the caster to wear the locket throughout the three days.

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