Magic Charms
Symbols or elements consisting of mystical tendencies.

Charms could be wooden, metallic, synthetic, plastic, glass or stone objects that are worn around the neck as pendants.

Charms are of two different kinds.

A) Naturally Occurring Charms: Historically charms occurred in nature within the earth, were readily and naturally occurring during the ancient era which were then used effectively. Over time the existence of such charms has become limited to none. Naturally occurring charms today are extremely rare to find and are totally scares due to the changing nature of earth, climatic changes and ever increasing constructions taking place on land. A point worth mentioning is that our ancestors knew exactly which charm to use, when and for what purpose.

B) Scripted Charms: Based on scriptures, writings and beliefs from the ancient past.
Scripted and carved by me on wood, acrylic plastics and metals. These charms are only made by using authentic scriptures from the original books and not from revised books and documents.
Be sure if you are purchasing a charm from some other source. It should strictly be made out of the authentic original books and texts for it to work for you and for you to experience its maximum potential. A charm made from revised scriptures and texts will not work and hold no value neither weight.

My recommendation has always been the use of the latter as the results produced by scripted charms are more goals oriented and nothing short of magical unlike the naturally occurring charms which are broadly oriented in a number of ways.
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