Magical Charms For Money, Love, Success, Protection And Revenge

Charms are wooden, metallic, glass or stone objects that are worn around the neck as pendants/lockets.

Our ancestors knew exactly which charm to use and for what purpose.

Charms are of two different kinds.

A) Naturally occurring charms within the earth were available during the ancient era. The existence of such charms has become very limited over time. Naturally occurring charms are very hard to find due to the ever-changing nature of earth.

B) Scripted charms are based on the writings and beliefs from the ancient past.
Scripted and carved by me on wood and metals for maximum effectiveness. These charms are prepared by me using authentic scriptures from the original books. A magical charm should be made using authentic original books and texts for it to work for you. A charm made from revised scriptures and texts will not work and hold no value.

Here are my best mystical magic charms.

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