Magic Spells
Spell casting is in short the back bone of magic. Spell casting is such a powerful art form that it can make the Spell casting is the back bone of magic and magical arts. Spell casting is such a powerful art form that it can make the unbelievable and the unthinkable real and possible.

Magic spells are a phenomenon which has mysterious tendencies in its own that has never and can never be questioned. Results produced by spells are rapid and are straight to the point. Spells are divided into few broad categories such as black magic, white magic and voodoo african magic. Each form is different and must not be compared to one another. All produce dramatic results and it's your choice and decision to use any of these three forms to change and transform your life.

I have read and heard a lot about spells at various different platforms and have been saddened and disappointed by the theories given by scholars which are always misleading people into confusion. This is not a good thing to happen.

The concept of spell casting has been the same since its conception till date.
A set of words or holy writings that are prayed as a chant repeatedly then directed towards God who in turn will fulfill your wishes. Such a simple concept.

This is not all; here is the main step that must be carried out before casting a spell which will decide the fate of your spell to be a success or a failure. Before spell casting you will have to take a lawful vow of either feeding the poor or needy in any small way possible or by giving the poor or needy some small amount of money. This is the most important part if not the most integral element of casting a successful spell. You skip this step, your spell will be doomed for failure.
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